Just a couple of drinks can cause an alcohol-related crash

Just a couple of drinks can cause an alcohol-related crash

| Apr 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

Under Florida law, a person is considered legally drunk when his or her blood alcohol concentration is .08 or higher. This is the gauge that most people use when believing that they can safely drive. The problem is that even one or two drinks, which will not usually cause a person’s BAC to reach the legal limit, could be enough to cause an accident.

Just a couple of drinks relaxes a person, lowers his or her judgment and alters the driver’s mood. Behind the wheel of a car, a couple of drinks, which equates to a BAC of approximately .02 BAC, decreases the ability to multitask and track objects visually. Even at this point, a person could make a mistake that causes an accident.

After three drinks, a person’s behavior can become exaggerated, judgment becomes impaired, and inhibitions and alertness diminish. In addition to the issues with driving that happen at .02, at .05, response times decrease and steering becomes difficult. By this time, a driver in this condition increases the possibility of causing a crash. Moreover, it only takes one more drink for most people to reach the legal limit.

Driving Florida’s roadways always comes with some risk, but some drivers believe they can continue to drive safely even after a couple of drinks. If an individual encounters one of these drivers, he or she could end up seriously injured. The fact that the other driver had any alcohol in his or her system could provide evidence of negligence in a personal injury claim that seeks restitution for the damages incurred in an alcohol-related crash.

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