It could take time to sort out a multi-vehicle crash

It could take time to sort out a multi-vehicle crash

| May 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

The Florida Highway Patrol investigates numerous traffic collisions each year. Some of them are easier to solve than others are. When it comes to a multi-vehicle crash, it could take some time to figure out how each vehicle fits into the puzzle, which could delay the victims and their families from receiving the closure and justice they deserve.

A recent crash involving a cement truck and six other vehicles could be one of those cases. The accident happened in the northbound lanes on a portion of Interstate 75 that goes through Sarasota. Preliminary reports indicate that the driver of the cement truck, the driver of an SUV and the driver of a pickup truck lost their lives. Two other people suffered what were described as serious injuries.

At last report, the Florida Highway Patrol had not yet released any details regarding the events and factors that led to the crash. In fact, the investigation at the scene lasted more than the eight hours it took to reopen the stretch of interstate where the accident happened. Even after traffic began moving again, people remained on-site to continue to piece together what happened and clear the debris. That was on March 9.

It could take even more time to figure out which driver or drivers appear responsible for this devastating multi-vehicle crash. In the meantime, three families must bury loved ones and two victims may continue to recover from their injuries. The official report could prove invaluable in any personal injury or wrongful death claim, as applicable, filed as a result.

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