Taking measures to promote a safer pedestrian experience

Taking measures to promote a safer pedestrian experience

| Jun 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

While all motor vehicle accidents run the risk of having disastrous repercussions, few may be as hazardous as those involving pedestrians. Despite the level of risk involved, there may also be a variety of scenarios in which you consider it preferable to do much of your traveling via the sidewalk.

Whether you are taking in the sites of Florida while on vacation or choose to reside in the area, you may find some level of appeal in the benefits of walking to and from many of your destinations. As you likely consider your well-being to be a priority, finding ways to stay safe as you travel could prove imperative.

Safety tips for pedestrians

While at least a portion of your safety lies in the hands of others as you walk near traffic, there may still be some steps you can take to reduce the odds of the unthinkable. Some ways to promote a safer pedestrian experience may include:

  • Be visible: For pedestrians, visibility is vital, and some ways to help increase your visibility include wearing bright clothing and steering clear of obstacles that impede vision.
  • Never assume: Assuming a driver will yield the right-of-way is never advisable. Making eye contact with nearby drivers before attempting to cross a street is likely in your best interests.
  • Know the risks: Taking time to better understand some of the risks you may face as a pedestrian could help you better prepare to handle a variety of scenarios.
  • Stay alert: Remaining alert and aware of your surroundings could play an integral role in helping you spot a potential hazard to your health in time to avoid it.

Unfortunately, you can only control so much of what happens as you travel. Should the negligent decisions of a nearby driver cause a collision to occur, there is a chance you may suffer serious harm in the process.

When a collision occurs

If a pedestrian-related collision leaves you with severe injuries, you could be facing extensive medical expenses and a long road to recovery. While you may wish to know more about the next steps to take to seek restitution accordingly, navigating the civil justice system can be a complex process. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this alone. By consulting with someone with experience in the area, you could become better prepared to pursue the full amount of restitution you deserve through a personal injury claim.

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