The risk of infection from a cat bite is high

The risk of infection from a cat bite is high

| Jul 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

Many Florida residents know to be careful around dogs they do not know because they could be dangerous. However, people tend to dismiss the virility of a cat bite. Cats may seem less “dangerous” than dogs, but their bites could more easily lead to a life-threatening infection than one from a dog.

According to Health Guide Info, a cat bite infection can take hold in as little as 24 to 48 hours after the event. Because their teeth are smaller and sharper than a dog’s teeth are, they more easily penetrate the skin and tend to dig deeper into the skin, which sets the stage for an infection. Left unchecked, such an infection could end with a hospital stay.

Any of the usual signs of infection, such as redness, soreness, and heat, should be taken seriously. By the time an odor and pus develop, it could be too late. By the time an individual develops a fever, the infection could turn life-threatening. Some people experience fatigue, headaches, rapid heartbeat and low blood pressure due to an infection.

Florida residents who develop an infection from a cat bite will require medical attention and possibly hospitalization depending on its severity. The expenses and loss of income under these circumstances could cause financial hardship. It may be possible to pursue restitution for financial losses and other damages associated with the cat bite. Discussing the matter with an attorney knowledgeable in the law regarding animal bites could help determine whether filing a claim would be appropriate under the circumstances.

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