Car accidents: Passengers may put their trust in the wrong driver

Car accidents: Passengers may put their trust in the wrong driver

| Aug 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Every time individuals get into a vehicle driven by someone else, they put their lives in that person’s hands. In many cases, this trust is justified as everyone reaches the destination safely. Unfortunately, other passengers may have put their trust in the wrong driver and end up seriously injured or dead in car accidents.

For example, the Florida Highway Patrol recently responded to a two-car accident that resulted in the deaths of three people. Preliminary reports indicate that three people occupied one of the vehicles and only the driver was in the other. The northbound vehicle with the driver and two passengers attempted to make a left hand turn, but did so into the path of the other vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. It ended up costing him and his passengers their lives.

According to troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of the northbound vehicle was at fault because he failed to yield the right of way to the other vehicle. They are still investigating whether other factors such as drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash as well. It could be some time before all the facts are revealed.

The aftermath of fatal car accidents is never easy and often comes with harsh financial consequences. Families must adjust to life without a loved one and often incur significant financial losses and other damages as well. They may be able to pursue justice, restitution and closure through the filing of wrongful death claims in civil court.

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