Some crash injuries might not develop immediate symptoms

Some crash injuries might not develop immediate symptoms

| Aug 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

It may come as no surprise that being involved in a collision can be a stressful experience under any circumstances. Should an accident occur as you travel along Florida roads, the fallout could leave you feeling somewhat shaken up and unnerved, and you might feel uncertain about how best to respond to the situation.

There is a chance you might even walk away from the incident feeling relatively unscathed as the surge of adrenaline you may experience could mask certain signs of harm. However, it is still in your best interests to seek medical care as some injuries might not develop symptoms for hours or even days after a crash.

Injuries with delayed symptoms

Although some common accident injuries might not manifest immediate symptoms, these can still be just as painful as any other type of injury. Some examples of injuries with delayed symptoms may include:

  • Head injury: Headaches and signs of a concussion are two examples of head injuries that could take time to manifest, and in some cases, changes in behavior that develop hours or days after a crash could also indicate the possible presence of a traumatic brain injury.
  • Whiplash: The rapid jerking motion that is common among accidents could leave you with severe neck and shoulder pain, and injuries such as whiplash could also cause you to develop numbness or tingling in your extremities.
  • Back pain: Back injuries continue to be common among accident victims, and although similar injuries might not develop immediate symptoms, back injuries run the risk of developing into severe or even long-term medical issues.
  • Abdominal injury: Should you begin to see signs of abdominal pain after a crash, it is vital to seek medical care as this could indicate the presence of deeper concerns such as internal bleeding.

Following the crash, it could be in your best interests to allow sufficient time for symptoms to develop and to seek medical care before deciding how best to respond to the situation.

Seeking compensation

If the actions of another party cause a crash that leaves you with serious injuries, the fallout could leave you facing extensive medical expenses and a long road to recovery. Following the crash, you could choose to seek advice on all your available options for legal recourse by consulting with someone with experience in such matters. Such advice could help place you in a much better position to pursue the full amount of restitution you deserve through a personal injury claim and help shift your focus toward the recovery period.

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