Florida dog allegedly responsible for multiple attacks

Florida dog allegedly responsible for multiple attacks

| Nov 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Florida residents love their pets, and for dog owners, this time of year can be a nice time for a walk. The heat of summer has subsided, and the autumn months can provide enjoyable weather for people and their pups to take a stroll or get some exercise. Unfortunately, some dogs are dangerous, and dog bite injuries are a threat to both humans and other animals.

Recently, animal control officers came to a Florida housing complex after a dog attacked a woman and her dog as they were passing by. A witness thought the victim was perhaps the owner of the dog. He suspected she was having trouble getting her pet under control, but as he approached, he realized that the woman was yelling for help.

The victim states that she thought the aggressive dog was coming after her dog. She immediately tried to get her dog out of harm’s way, and the attacking dog bit her multiple times. A nearby surveillance camera captured the attack, and the dog can be seen exiting an open gate at the housing complex. Neighbors say the dog has bitten people before and is responsible for at least half a dozen attacks on people and their pets.

The victim of a dog bite attack can consider taking legal action against the party believed responsible, often the owner of the dog. In fact, Florida is known as a so-called strict liability state when it comes to dog bites. A victim need only reach out to an attorney that understands the physical suffering and mental trauma that dog bites can cause.

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