Florida mom dies after being struck by vehicle

Florida mom dies after being struck by vehicle

| Dec 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

When teens get into trouble, loving and caring parents often attempt to guide them and help them make good choices toward a positive resolution. Though teens are young, their troubles and dramas can be as serious as adult matters, without the rationale and life experiences that adults can lean on when choosing behaviors and reactions. Recently, a Florida mother’s attempt to protect her teen son and show him appropriate recourse to conflict resulted in serious injuries that eventually led to her demise, which may very well be a good case for a wrongful death suit.

According to local news outlets, a group of teen boys had arrived at the home of another, intent on behaving violently toward him. It is thought that the trouble began over a “romantic entanglement” with a co-ed. After allegedly witnessing her son become the victim of violence in his own yard, the mother came out to photograph the perpetrators and other evidence that could be presented to police when they arrived. She was trying to teach her young son what the appropriate recourse would be in such a tense situation.

The teen boys that had committed the violence got into a vehicle driven by one of the teens. Before they left the scene, witnesses and authorities say the driver intentionally hit the woman with the car, leaving her with broken bones and other very serious injuries. Days later, she passed away as a direct result of these injuries. Police have pressed criminal charges, and the driver faces murder charges because he alone controlled the vehicle that struck the woman.

If a deceased victim’s family decides to pursue a wrongful death claim, a Florida attorney can help them fight for justice on behalf of a victim. Though a criminal court may impose serious penalties, a civil case can result in a monetary judgment that acknowledges the financial losses incurred at the hands of another party.

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