The next steps to take after suffering a dog bite

The next steps to take after suffering a dog bite

| Feb 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

It might not be uncommon for avid dog owners to reside in almost every neighborhood in Florida. If one or more of your neighbors own dogs, some of them might have measures in place to keep their pets from leaving their yards while others might simply be content with allowing their dogs to roam free.

While some dogs might be relatively calm or even friendly, there is always a chance that you might come across an animal that is not so inclined. Even a mild-mannered dog might lash out and bite you under certain circumstances, and a dog bite could leave you with severe or even permanent injuries.

After a dog bite occurs

After suffering a dog bite, you might feel somewhat shaken up and uncertain of what to do next. Some tips to help you navigate the aftermath of such an incident could include:

  • Report the incident: One of the first steps to take after suffering a dog bite could involve notifying animal control, and obtaining an official copy of the investigation report may also prove exceedingly beneficial.
  • Obtain contact information: Exchanging the necessary information — such as contact details — with the dog’s owner may also be essential, as it might be necessary to reach out to this person later.
  • Gather witness statements: If anyone else saw the incident take place, obtaining contact information and a statement from the witness could also prove beneficial.
  • Seek treatment: Seeking prompt medical care is another vital step to take after suffering a bite, as even injuries that may appear minor at first could run the risk of becoming infected.
  • Take notes: It may also be in your best interests to document the scene and the events leading up to the bite via pictures and notes, and to document injuries and medical treatment stemming from the incident.

It may be helpful to know that the financial repercussions of dealing with dog bite injuries may extend beyond the price of medical care, as this could even include travel costs and loss of wages resulting from your bite-related injuries.

What next?

Dog bites are far more common than you might think, and such incidents can carry dire ramifications. Along with any pain and suffering you may experience, injuries stemming from a dog bite could also leave you dealing with extensive medical costs and facing a long recovery period. Following the incident, it could also be helpful to seek insight on your available legal avenues and how best to prepare to seek restitution through the appropriate channels.

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