Boating Accidents

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Across the country, hundreds of people die in boating accidents every year and thousands more are injured. These accidents may also result in severe injuries, unpaid medical bills, lost wages and permanent disabilities. Joshua Rosen, the founder of the Law Offices of Joshua H. Rosen, Chartered, is a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling cases arising from boating and personal watercraft accidents.

Mr. Rosen has a proven record of successful results for the victims of boating accidents in the Sarasota area. Contact him to schedule a free initial consultation during which you can learn about how to recover compensation. If you do not reside in Florida but were injured in the state while on vacation, we can represent you as well.

Know The Causes Of Boat Accidents

The major causes of recreational boating accidents are:

These negligent acts and others cause boats to capsize or collide. They may result in flooding, fire and explosion. When boat operators are careless, skiers may be struck by propellers or the vessels towing them. Passengers may fall overboard. From time to time, negligently designed boats and defective boating equipment can also cause accidents that give rise to claims against manufacturers.

Learn Whether You Have A Case

You may be unsure if this is a case that is actionable or a result of a boating accident. Joshua Rosen can determine whether you have a personal injury case. Schedule a free initial consultation and you can ask him more questions.

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