Bus Accidents

Injured In A Bus Accident? We Are Here To Help

Every day, people trust their safety to various types of buses. Passengers trust that they can board a bus and arrive safely at their destination. Motorists trust that buses on the road will drive safely. When a bus accident occurs, it shatters that trust.

If you were in a bus accident and suffered a serious injury, the Law Offices of Joshua H. Rosen, Chartered, can help you. For 22 years, we have successfully represented thousands of clients in the Sarasota metro area. From settlements to courtroom verdicts, we take pride in standing up for our clients and helping them recover compensation for their damages from bus accidents.

Bus Accidents Can Be More Serious Than Other Accidents

Public and private buses are not often involved in auto accidents. However, the incidents in which they are involved can be catastrophic for several reasons:

  • Buses are significantly larger than passenger cars, resulting in more forceful collisions and more severe injuries
  • Many buses have slower braking times, which means that they frequently impact other vehicles at high speeds
  • Because many passengers may be aboard a bus, more people are at risk of an injury
  • Pedestrians often gather near bus stops, leaving them vulnerable in an accident
  • Bus stops are often located in metropolitan areas near many pedestrians and cyclists

Some common injuries in bus accidents include traumatic brain injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, paralysis and fractured limbs. The treatment for these severe personal injuries can be expensive and can last a lifetime.

Get Help After A Bus-Related Injury

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